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Ireland songs for Euro 2016


It’s going to be messy, it always is. A time for music purists to use that Groupon voucher to a spa retreat for several months while the good, the bad and the brave turn their hand to capturing the mood of the nation by writing a Republic of Ireland football anthem. Everyone knows the strike rate for winning football songs is about 1/10, illustrated by the fact that the ones we keep returning to were mostly written back in 1990 or before. But you’ve always got to hope that a new ‘Give It A Lash Jack’ emerges from the debris of broken guitar strings, nicotine starched vocals and what sounded like a good idea after 14 pints of Guinness.

This page will make some attempt to separate the Joe Lapira’s from the Liam Brady’s (much like Match of the Day screens the better games before the scoreless draws) but ultimately it will be your tapping or stationary feet that will decide which ones you’ll hold in reserve for the party following Jonny Walters demolition of the flailing Swedes at Euro 2016. We’ll add the ditty’s as we find them in the run up to June 13.

Seo Linn – The Irish Roar


‘The Irish Roar’ is the official FAI sanctioned song for Euro 2016. And it’s not bad, in fact it is quite good but it just falls short of being a classic in the mould of ‘Give It A Lash Jack’ or ‘Put ’em Under Pressure’. Seo Linn threw the kitchen sink at it with a rousing chorus, plenty gaelige and fiddles to beat the band. Could well be reappearing for future tournaments and it would surely go down well with some vodka at Russia 2018.

Tom Tuohy – Dance in France

Tom has a curious Christy Moore quality to his vocals and while he may lack the wordsmithery of the Kildare bard (dance rhymes with France, who’d have guessed) this is not a million miles away from being a simple pleasure that’ll be lapped up by the green hoardes. Sure the playing is perfunctory and the production a tad grainy but then when did high fidelity ever get in the way of a good auld sing song? Definitely a pass mark.

Concrete Pedestrian – Come On Your Boys In Green

Full of rich video snippets and recorded in what sounds like a broken down Campervan ‘Come On You Boys In Green’, by Concrete Pedestrian’, may abandon many of the song constructs that served the Beatles so well but it’s much better than what either you or I could have come up with.

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  1. tom tuohy tom tuohy

    dance in france was written by john paul wright ,get it right man

    • eireguide eireguide

      Already on the road to pop star ego I see!

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